Experience Iboga in Canada

This journey is in the West Coast Canadian rainforest in a dual-yurt lodge, created specifically for hosting Iboga ceremonies. Surrounded by towering Douglas Fir and Cedar trees, guests feel held and nurtured by the forest. Located in Paradise Valley on a biodynamic farm bordering the Cheakamus River, there is a harmonic vibration of beauty and balance. The yurts allow for full awareness of the forest and invites absorption of the natural surroundings. When gathering in this magic place with pure intention and sincerity, there is a natural flow into healing. The large yurt is the ceremony space, the central building that joins the two is a spacious bathroom, and the small yurt is the kitchen.
The Iboga experience is very unique and personal but collectively, the ceremony guests are together as one. All are doing their part to create group healing. The circle of kindred souls is a powerful catalyst that summons the courage to venture deep with the sacred wood. An Iboga ceremony is a journey within. Descending inward past memory and experience. Deep into the body past thought, into our natural, existential state. The stillness at the core of being. Iboga is a nurturing, yet stern guide on the trek inward. Stripping away the conditioning of ‘can’t,’ revealing the ever present potential of ‘can.’
The most powerful setting for the thick-walled Western ego to meet Iboga is silence. Silence is a way to sever the connection to character. Letting go of language and surrendering to nature’s most effective cleanse. Allowing it to penetrate deep through the stillness. This penetration manifests as the cleansing and shedding of negative patterns and toxic buildup. A complete physical and energetic reset to flow with existence. An invitation back to the natural state of all beings. Iboga creates inner space to free limiting beliefs, clear emotional blockages and to drop stories and projections. With illusion stripped away, truth begins to reveal itself through unfiltered experience.




Paradise Valley, British Columbia

About Us

Jeremy has spent the majority of his life in the mountains of British Columbia. Born in the interior, he ended up on the coast for the past 20 years. The mountains were his temple, but an accident forced a shift of perception. The resulting immobility during a long recovery created a movement inward. The call to end conflict and self destruction led him to Iboga. Through many ceremonies and years of work with mentors and guides, he ended self-destructive patterns and began a personal practice with the medicine. Of its own accord, this slowly grew into a practice with friends and family, and eventually into IbogaJourney. His vision to build a healing lodge took shape, manifesting as the dual-yurt space where the Squamish Iboga ceremonies are held. Jeremy and his wife Deena live and practice in this forested temple with love and open arms to all who find them.
Deena’s medicine journey began in the suburbs of her native New Jersey. Iboga’s root medicine called her to move deeper into herself, away from a career in journalism, to heal the traumatic fractures that caused self-sabotage and negative thought and behavioral patterns. Her Iboga journeys have changed her life, setting her on a path to spread the healing message of Iboga to others. In 2015, she traveled to Gabon, Africa—the birthplace of Iboga and home to the Bwiti—where she completed a Full Initiation into their culture. She is also among the first nine Western women to ever complete a Bwiti Rites of Passage.


AUGUST 24-26

August 23, 2018
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Forest Intelligence

    Before the IbogaJourney lodge was created, our circles were held in many different settings, like rental houses, yoga studios and even outdoors a few times. The ones held outdoors left an impression, with dreams of forested ceremonies. The Paradise Valley Yurt Lodge is the manifestation of those dreams. Cedar, Fir and Pine trees tower […]
July 2, 2018

While You’re In Squamish

The Ceremony is from Friday noon until Sunday noon. For the time before and after the session, we have some recommendations. Though Squamish offers some of the most extreme outdoor recreation, we have listed attractions more suited to the days following Iboga.     NATURE   SEA TO SKY GONDOLA Gondola Rides, Mountain Views, Suspension Bridge, […]
May 25, 2018


    It has been a few months since the last sharing. We have been dedicating our creativity toward our new website. The expected launch of the new site is the end of May. It will have a completely new aesthetic feel, along with some new and edited content. The original site is over three years […]
February 26, 2018

February 2018 Newsletter

    March is the first month of our 2018 season. We are happy to return to the magic of the rainforest and to our space for another year hosting ceremonies. While away from holding space for our guests, we spent time holding space for ourselves and for one another, deepening our awareness of our role […]