Liza H.


The few days after the ceremony were hilarious and funny, and amazingly profound. As I left I stopped in the forest. I heard and sensed a leaf silently falling from way up in a tree behind me, silent, yet I turned around wondering what was behind me as if I sensed its presence. I will never forget it. I could acutely hear the sounds of people talking, but also feel their energy vibration as well. It was so intense. I understand now how the Australian aboriginal people have talking lines they communicate with telepathically. All I wanted to do was go back into the forest, so I did! It was magical. Hugging trees took on a whole new level. My inner child was in absolute bliss, dancing about, arms waving. And I still want to be back in the forest. The sound of cars going by every so often was so jarring in how it disturbed the peace and silence of the forest. I became aware of how ridiculous we are - our human race, the way we speed everywhere in little metal machines getting as fast as possible to some impossible, never-ending destination driven by the mind, in this never-ending race to get to some goal that is meaningless. It is craziness! After the ceremony I noticed less attachment to my ex-husband, and felt more like my old self when we connected. My ex is still a trigger, but I saw in ceremony how the patterns run and how I get triggered and flooded, and how I need to to break this pattern and release myself to recover who I truly am. I have to grieve deeply to do this, but it feels right, and there's even a little bit of excitement creeping in at the prospect. The authenticity of Jeremy and Deena's life purpose, passion, dedication to spirit and to being of service was truly a wonderful gift to receive and be a part of.


Edmonton, AB

Having worked with plant teachers many times in the past, I came to my Iboga ceremony in April 2017 with expectations. I expected some wild hallucinations, clear answers to questions, and maybe a few massive A-ha's that I would then strive to integrate into my daily life.

Iboga really surprised me. It was none of those things.

The ceremony itself was so perfectly crafted. Deena and Jeremy's commitment to service is both humbling and inspiring. I always felt safe, even at my most vulnerable.

The shifts in my life since have been subtle, unexpected, and yet intense. They crept in quietly - depression ebbed away, chronic aches and pain dissipated, I quit smoking, rearranged and purged the house, set healthy boundaries at work, eventually quit work, maintained a self care routine - all without fanfare. And unlike many other shifts via plant teachers, these ones have persisted and the benefits continue to blossom.

It's over one year now since my ceremony, and I can still see the effects in my daily life, primarily in my ability to 'hear' or 'receive' new ideas, information, and messages. There is a clarity and inner knowing available to me now that I had been craving and yet felt out of reach of. I can choose to react differently. I am no longer trapped by my habitual programming, and that moment-by-moment choice has been the real gift.

Even now, I continue to shed remnants of my past and lay down old patterns that no longer serve. I suppose that journey is never over. Relationships with friends, lovers, and family have all shifted. I can see how my healing has rippled out and created positive change in my environment and those I interact with, too. It hasn't been all rainbows and butterflies. Instead it's as though I have leveled up, so I feel equipped to handle all of the twists and turns and discomforts of life that use to leave me feeling apathetic at best and suicidal at worst.

I think I came to Iboga hoping to 'kill' who I was, in essence, and be rebirthed as an entirely new and ideal me. I was craving something dramatic.

I left with something far more valuable: I am steadily falling in love with my imperfect self, and I am creating a life that I am both proud of and eager to participate in.

Shane D.

ON, Canada

I decided to take part in an Iboga ceremony to help me deal with emotional issues from childhood. I was dealing with mental health issues, emotional stress, and feelings of disconnection in my everyday life. I felt a call to iboga and went with that feeling. I spoke with Jeremy on the phone. I felt like he was really listening and giving constructive, genuine advice to me. I felt very comfortable choosing iboga journey.

Leading up to the ceremony I took Jeremys advice to get out in nature and practise trust and surrender. I appreciate the advice because now I understand just how important it is.

During the ceremony, I felt 100% cared by Jeremy and Deena. They were alongside us in our journey always ready to help us go to the bathroom or give advice. I also felt like my personal space was respected and I was listened to during the experience.

Iboga showed me the truth, and the emotions that I've been hiding since I was a child. It showed me what I was running from and how to feel. While I still am working on feeling these emotions, I see the value in acknowledging the truth of how i'm feeling and expressing it. Iboga has become a guide for me; a real anchor in my life. It showed me the truth in a way that I can't put into words, but that I know if I follow it everything will be okay. This is where I'm learning to trust and surrender to life, like Jeremy wisely coaches.

Over the few months following the Iboga ceremony, I was presented with many challenges. Iboga has helped me see these challenges in a new light. I see how certain barriers in life are teaching me something and how to work through them. My relationships with people have improved. I am able to share with others more easily and understand that others have fears and anxieties limiting them, as I do. I feel like I'm growing everyday. While I still experience fear and negative thinking, I don't feel stuck in it. Iboga has shown me the power of my own mind, how to simply recognize fear and live how I desire; in my truth. Iboga is really a gift, one that I'll forever be grateful for. It definitely doesn't do the work for you but it opens up so many opportunities for growth that I believe it can make any healing possible.

I now find time everyday to appreciate what life and nature provide for me. Iboga showed me the stillness of my being and I am able to access this when I spend time in nature. Its a gift very few people get to experience, and I'm grateful for Jeremy and Deena sharing the Iboga experience.

Its obvious that Jeremy and Deena have done the work themselves. They provided great support to myself and the rest of the group throughout the ceremony. Couldn't ask for more!

John C.

Halifax, Canada

My Iboga journey is blossoming consistently and surprisingly. I feel very good; very light. The sun is sparkling and the Universe is resonating pure joy. The musical projects and creative interests that I have been working on and developing have been receiving attention. My meditation practice has taken a central role in my every day, and with that, my story seems to be growing into a very calm and dignified incarnation. I am starting to wake up to life and the potential of navigating through PTSD and divorce. Although I still notice symptoms from the physical and phenomenal effects, there is an overall change in my being. I feel very fresh, light, renewed. Living in the, ‘I Don’t Know.’ The experience is of a deeper and truer self, uplifted and renewed. All I can offer is my deepest gratitude from the center of everything.

PS — As warriors, we ask ourselves, ‘Was it worth it?’ Particularly when friends are lost or hurt. My Iboga Journey was worth it. Unquestionably so.


BC, Canada

The week post-ceremony was really amazing because I felt really embodied and present. I had better sleeps than ever. Meditation came easy, because instead of finding a guided meditation to follow online and becoming distracted, I just trusted myself and tapped right in to my inner stillness. The usual busyness of my mind was a quiet whisper post-ceremony, versus a loud blaring megaphone before ceremony.

In my journey, I assumed I would revisit traumatic experiences from my childhood, but it was the opposite. I saw visuals of positive times with my Mom, which makes sense because I’ve been clinging to the story that a teen Mom raised me, and already know it was stressful. It’s clear it’s time to re-write my story.

I have also been plagued with depression and anxiety in my life, and I had a sense during the ceremony that my body shaking off 38 years of unprocessed, built-up fright or flight tension.

It was like my mind and all of my thoughts were there for me to see, through my eyelids…and they are mostly B.S…. lol. Judgements, fears, worries, all of it.

Dancing used to be one of my favourite ways to connect to my soul and feel free, and it changed somewhere in life, which saddened me. Prior to ceremony I’d been admiring my 3-year-old daughter (my guru) and the way she dances as if she is in a trance, so alive and one with the music. I had set an intention before ceremony to be able to dance like no one is watching again, and when the Bwiti music came on I honestly felt like it moved me from my core and it was such an amazing feeling… the rebirth.

I really appreciate what Deena and Jeremy are doing in this world, I feel like it is a healing that is so, so necessary.

Marc Babin


What a miracle! Definitely, the greatest experience of my life so far. To be honest, it’s easier to affirm this today… but during the ceremony, there were moments that were quite the opposite. It’s a game changer. Your life will not be the same after a experience like this, one way or another. I don’t want to go into details of the 3 days of the ceremony for good reasons. It’s a unique experience in many ways. The result and the journey will differ from one another. Keep in mind that iboga is powerful beyond understanding … spiritually, psychologically and physically. The spirit of the plant will show you what you need, not necessarily what you want. You have to trust the unfolding. Easy for some, tougher for others… you’ll experience what you bring with you, your mindset.

The greatest part in all of this: you are not alone in the journey. Jeremy is a wonderful guide from day one. Honest and sincere, he will be with you and he will make sure that you are ready for this. He’s definitely a kind of modern shaman with a sincere heart with one thing in mind : help you through your journey.

For me and for a first experience with those kinds of spiritual plants, the setting for the ceremony was perfect. The rain forest and the farm was like home to me. The warm welcome from Jeremy and his place was what I needed to feel at peace.

The ceremony was on the last weekend of my two month road trip from Montreal to Squamish (with a detour to Mount Shasta, California). I’m a spiritual guy. I love those beyond space and time kind of experiences. Synchronicity brought me there and I know why. Today, nearly 3 months after the ceremony, I’m still discovering how these three days have changed my life … in a wonderful way.

Thank you Jeremy. You’re definitely a guide in many ways.

Namaste brother.



I discovered Iboga through a friend of mine who I became friends with at a Ayahuasca/San Pedro retreat in Ecuador. After he explained his experience to me, I immediately began doing my own research on iboga. I decided to attend the Iboga Journey in Squamish, Canada rather than go to Costa Rica. Mentally I prepared myself for weeks with diet and meditation. I intended to have no expectations, I didn’t want to be disappointed if my experience didn’t turn out like other testimonials I read. Everyone is different, some people have wild experiences immediately, others need multiple retreats. My main intention was to heal my lower back pain, and if anything else occurred so be it.

I have a high tolerance for medicine so I took more iboga pills than anyone at the retreat. The medicine kicked in within a couple of hours. I had no intention in purging but I purged a lot and I had constant hot and cold body flashes throughout the night. I could not get comfortable, I tossed and turned all night, and the medicine worked all night.

Jeremy and his assistant did a great job on getting everyone to focus and relax. I was able to welcome the medicine and allow it to take me on my journey. The journey began when I saw a blue screen with a image of a astronaut/spaceman and a google cursor. I saw a bunch of words being typed and it felt like I was being reprogrammed in a sense. I began seeing images and whenever I would focus on the details, it would fade away, and another vision would appear. At times my thoughts would appear right before me. I saw timelines of my life in files that kept going higher and higher vertically. Throughout the night I had visions.

During the ceremony and afterward its very hard to move with out being dizzy. Whenever I lifted my head to take a another dose, I became dizzy. I don’t recommend drinking a lot of water before ceremony, the medicine takes longer to kick in. The following morning everyone in the retreat was bed ridden, we all could barely stand. Jeremy and his assistant did their best to revive everyone back to normalcy.

The atmosphere was very quiet for the next 2 days. It was a time to recover and self reflect. Sunday morning, I was able to get up, and I went outside to go for a walk in the woods. When I stepped outside, everything was different. I seen the world like I’ve never seen it before. I had this aura, this glow around my body like electricity. I would wave my hands and this amazing flow of energy would follow. I kept waving my hands just to see the streaks of energy in the air. It was like something you’d see in a kung fu movie. I looked at my environment and the aura/white electricity type glow was everywhere. Everything was alive, the trees were electric, grass, water, animals, etc It was amazing and definitely my favorite part of the retreat.

It let me know we are all connected somehow, someway. There’s a divine energy or matrix that was so evident, that it overwhelmed me with joy. To be one with the All, it just felt great. The morning aura visions lasted a week or so after the retreat and my lower back pain was gone. I immediately wanted to do something active after the retreat.

Due to my back pain I smoked marijuana at least 6 times a day. But I had no urge to smoke, I didn’t even have a urge to eat sweets and junk food. My mind, body, and soul wouldn’t let me. I’m now able to exercise and play basketball. I haven’t played basketball in 6 years. My only pain I experience now is regular soreness from being physically active.

My meditations and dreams became more vivid since leaving the retreat. Everyday my focus is to be a better person, a more loving person. I take weekly baths in epsom salt, baking soda, and lavender. I also gargle with organic coconut oil every night. Overall the medicine resonated with me so much more than Ayahuasca and San Pedro. I intend to return again for a possibly yearly tune up.

I can’t be more thankful to the All, Iboga, Jeremy, my family, everyone at the retreat, and of course myself. Everyday I’m thankful for ridding myself of my lower back pain and finally moving forward in my life. Its a great feeling, a great feeling.


Salt Spring Island

It’s difficult to find the words to fully describe my experience with Iboga, however, it’s very clear to me that the effects have been more than I ever expected and have changed me in a way that is everlasting. When I first heard about Iboga, I was going through a difficult time in life when I desperately needed guidance. I had never been interested in plant medicines but felt strongly guided to Iboga and committed without hesitation. It was as though the choice had already been made for me and all I had to do was accept.

When I spoke with Jeremy for the first time any resistance I had was laid to rest. There was such power and clarity in our interaction that I felt absolutely safe and supported by him. He advised me to start asking the questions which I wanted guidance on. He said that the more work I did beforehand to clarify what I was seeking, the more I would attain from the experience with Iboga. Jeremy provided dedicated support the whole time prior to the ceremony. Our discussions really shaped what my experience would reveal.

My journey with Iboga started the moment I began to ask questions. I was not necessarily getting clear answers, but I was definitely receiving information. The months leading up to my ceremony were intense, and in fact, the difficulty in my life seemed to get worse and worse. Yet underneath it all, I had the understanding that the suffering I was going through was purposeful and necessary. I realize now that I was going through a process of purification where I was beginning to see myself honestly, and where I was beginning to acknowledge the stories and the lies that were holding me down in life. The days before the ceremony were the most intense and culminated in a breakdown, or shall I say a breakthrough, that left me incredibly calm and clear — ready for what I was about to embark on. I entered the ceremony fearlessly and in a state of truth, ready to truly meet myself.

The ceremony itself was one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. I attribute much of this to the energy that Jeremy and Tova cultivated for the space. Their own histories and experiences were an essential part of how they supported my transformation.

What I saw and felt once I began to take the Iboga medicine is ineffable, but the effects are palpable even now. The unveiling of my ignorance is something from which I know I cannot return. The wisdom I attained has allowed me to express more of my potential and to express more of my authentic self. Since the ceremony I have been able to navigate life with more grace and ease. The effects were immediate and have only been getting more and more refined. There has been an immense shift in my way of being, and life has become more pleasurable than I had previously experienced. Challenges still arise, but my reactions and ways of dealing with them are softer and more skillful. I might even say that challenges have become an expected part of life that I respect and value as opportunities through which I can grow.

I am forever grateful to the Iboga medicine and to Jeremy and Tova for assisting me in uncovering what is already there. I look forward to continuing the journey as I unravel more and more of that which I already am.



…the journey continues. It has now been 9 months since my Iboga journey began. Tara, my first born, has a powerful spiritual compass, and she thought of me soon after her own Iboga experience. There were a few moments of apprehension, fear of the unknown. Ultimately, I trust Tara and so took the plunge. Jeremy Cook definitely dispelled any strangeness when he met us. We all began the ritual feeling safe. After that, my little pallet on the floor became my harbour and safe haven. I was unaware of what was going on with everyone else for most of the next nights and days. I have learned since that everyone’s experience is unique. I was one of those who vomited for awhile, then slept. I took my second Iboga two weeks later. This time, my experience was more mindful, and mystical. I had fresh eyes. I was brand new.

For over 19 years, I had been taking a daily strong dosage of fluoxetine. I tried on two or three occasions to wean myself off them, but within 2 months I would be clinically depressed once again. At times, I was self-destructive and suicidal. I would drink too much, and make everything worse. I was so tired; living my life always restless, agitated, yearning. I cut my dosage to half about three weeks before Iboga and stopped altogether two weeks before. That was October 3rd 2014.

What has ensued is incredible. I have been experiencing raw, unmedicated life. During these months, I have re-discovered wholesome reality. I had forgotten. Life goes on as normal. I broke my ankle, and was in a cast for months, two dear friends of mine passed away, I experienced the painful anniversary of my daughters death, all without anesthetic. So I have been sad, but never despairing. Hard to explain how it felt good to feel emotions that were sometimes painful. I am free of that desperate constant anxiety that was such a “thorn in my shoe”. I am confident, clear and at rest in knowing that I really can accomplish anything my mind decides. I can choose whether or not I want to have a drink. And every now and then, I get a pure wave of joy and a lightness that I remember from early childhood. I am so grateful to Jeremy for guiding me through the amazing experience last year. Thanks always Jeremy and Tara. I LOVE my life.


Sechelt, BC

I had the pleasure of experiencing an Iboga Journey with Jeremy on May 29/15. I have experienced 21 journeys of Ayahuasca and 3 journeys of Iboga TA and a 4th Journey of Iboga root with Jeremy. Jeremy’s attention to detail was none other than impeccable!

Jeremy has really fine-tuned the journey. I have never felt so safe in a ceremony! My only challenge was with myself – thinking about whether it was enough for me, but of course that is my life lesson — to trust that I got what I needed! In life I have often put unrealistic expectations on myself. I was able to hold down as much as I needed to get the lessons in that particular journey.

I had serious childhood trauma and have spent years in therapy to heal from this and the Iboga certainly has helped make some sense of things for me. Particularly, I was put into vulnerable states, so taking mind altering substances is a huge scary trigger for me. However, the experience was profoundly healing because I seriously went into body memory of the vulnerability. The space was held though so of course on an intellectual level I knew this was not the case, but my body did not know the difference. Long story short, coming out of that experience was miraculous for me. Also, part of my childhood trauma was to experience some rituals that were so brutal and terrifying, they left me feeling so utterly alone and despondent completely void of hope that there is a God or whatever you want to call it watching out for me. I went into that state again in the Iboga, but instead, something so precious happened: I felt a pressure on my right side, something physically trying to get my attention and I looked over to the right and saw this beautiful grandfather being floating above, glorious and glowing in a robe with a beautiful light shimmering and a blue chord going from the earth through his body out through his crown into the cosmos, and a glowing, intelligent Star lit up in his third eye into mine and a glorious light ignited my third eye — the feeling was so exquisite that words cannot describe! At this moment I get grateful tears as I write this, I know once again through ceremony and self inquiry, that I am okay and protected and there is something so mysterious, powerful and beautiful that is watching over me to guide me and protect me never alone! So all I can say to someone out there who is considering doing a ceremony, but may be hesitant or scared – if I can do it, you can do it!

A heartfelt thank you to Jeremy for being such a humble servant, with love and blessings.


Squamish, BC

My experience with Jeremy and the Iboga Ceremony was nothing short of being the singular most transforming event of my life. The knowledge gained was fantastic and now, almost 6 months later I am still gaining insight and applying the knowledge in useful ways in my day to day life. I consider it to be the heaviest experience of my life that has left me with an incredible lightness of being. If you are ready to transform your life I highly recommend taking the plunge and going for it.


Vancouver Island, BC

This was hands down the most valuable and important thing I have ever done with my time or money. There is nothing I can say that would do justice to the journey itself other than it will give you exactly what you need. It put me in direct contact with the truest me, my “higher self” and gave me clear concise answers to all my questions and uncertainty. I processed my fears and came out with a whole new awareness for life and living. My nervous system is reset, my habits have lost their unconscious grip on my behaviour, and I love from a deeper place. The fact that it is not a hallucinagenic has allowed me to trust deeper in my experience and to bring it wholeheartedly in to my daily life.

It was not a cake walk and be prepared to do some work, but you can definitely trust this medicine. It is a wise and powerful teacher.

As for Jeremy:

Never before have I witnesses such integrity, understanding and true compassion from a man. Jeremy is deeply aware of his responsibility to each and every person that he guides through ceremony. I have done 2 journeys with him now and the second journey, after knowing I could put my complete faith in him, was a far deeper, more spiritual and profound experience. He is the finest example of “father” that I have ever seen. Taking care of each person with immense presence, strength, and grace. He understands his calling and delivers a beautiful, sacred ceremony with true homage to its heritage. Surrender to the medicine. Put your faith in Jeremy. You will not be let down.

Huge love Jeremy!


BC, Canada

The experience that Jeremy guided me through was the most powerful experience I’ve ever had. Jeremy is incredibly gifted at guiding and helping people along during the ceremony. I truly feel as though this is his true calling in life, and his knowledge and care sets him apart from others. He really made me feel safe through the entire process and creates an environment that is perfect for the journey.

My occupation is a professional engineer, and at one time I was also an athlete competing at an international level, but for the past 5 years I have struggled with an addiction to pain killers. I have been wanting to and been trying very hard to change and overcome this affliction for a long time, which involved (and still does) being a member of a 12 step fellowship, and in my fight to overcome my addiction I have attended 2 different residential treatment centres over the past 4 years. Nothing that I have done to date during my recovery has helped me and showed me that I could live without substances like Iboga has. This process or journey has truly changed my life, how I look at myself, and for the first time made me feel as though I will never have to use painkillers again. I now have a new freedom and a new happiness, and have been enjoying freedom from pills since the ceremony.

An Iboga journey is an intense experience and I feel like having someone there to help and guide you is an essential part to ensure you maximize the potential for positive results. Jeremy was crucial to this process and I can’t stress enough how I feel like he helped show me what I needed to see and guided me in the direction I needed. Without having him there I without a doubt don’t think I would be where I am today (free of drugs and on a spiritual path).

I feel as though we each have the answers to our life struggles inside of us, but this plant medicine uncovers the things that are blocking us from seeing the answers. During this journey I was shown in a very clear way what drew me to using painkillers, why I used them, and how to live so that I did not ever need them again. I strongly believe that it re-set my brain to a pre-addiction state, and in addition to showing me the root of my behaviours following the ceremony it gave me a long lasting, strong feeling of wellbeing (its been 2 months and I still have it). Iboga is magical in how well it works, but it is not a one-time magic bullet that will prevent me from ever going back to my old way of life. What I mean by this is that although it has taken away my cravings (Yes, I have not one had a craving since the ceremony) and showed me a new way to live (a different mindset, where I look at the world differently) it still requires work on my part to keep it up and to continue to grow spiritually. Through my 12 step work I have been taught that in order to have long lasting (lifelong) sobriety one needs to have a spiritual experience and adopt a new way of thinking. I was not able to find this or achieve this until I went through an Iboga ceremony with Jeremy. Iboga gave me that essential spiritual experience, and now I can say without a doubt that I have adopted a new way of thinking – one that I am 100% certain will allow me to live drug free for life.

I did a lot of preparation to get ready for the ceremony including reading about Iboga listening to tapes and podcasts, and watching videos, and was really ready to change and let go of the negative things in my life. I had written down a number of questions I wanted to ask the medicine, and each one was answered very clearly to me throughout the death, and during the walk through the land of our ancestors and the re-birth.

I did not think that there was something that could provide me with such an experience that would allow for such a dramatic transformation. I thought that the rest of my life would be a hard struggle of meetings, therapists and slow progress. This was absolutely like having a lifelong amount of therapy in one weekend, and was exactly what I needed to help me. Giving me space from my addiction, insight into exactly why I did what I did, it showed me so clearly the truth as to what was blocking me from having the life I want and what I deserve, and gave me a new strong sense of spirituality. It has absolutely changed my life for the better, and is worth 1000 times (or more) what it costs. I recommend anyone who is wanting to change something in their life to go on this journey, but you have to be ready to face yourself, and ready to change (really want it). I am so grateful for Jeremy and this process – it has changed my life beyond how I can describe. One thing I can say is now I feel ok with myself and who I am, when I never really did before, and I feel like I live on a higher, more positive frequency every day of my life.

I loved my painkillers, but never knew or felt a way of life that is as satisfying or fulfilling as how I live today. The medicine and Jeremy’s help showed me this feeling, this way of life. They showed me how to live with my true self, the real me. My soul is beautiful and I am now able to see him and to honour him. I would not give this up for anything. This life is a long, exciting journey, and I look forward to what lies ahead with excitement and wonder. Thank you Jeremy. ☺



Exactly 1 year ago I took the journey and my life has not been that same since. I was not facing addiction or major trauma. I was a 40 year old single working mom who could not seem to crawl out from under massive stress and depression. My entire life seemed to be a struggle. Financially I was always on the edge and unsure of where the money for bills or rent would come from. I wanted the best for my kids and found myself sinking under the pressure of trying to keep up. Many days I spent crying for no reason, I felt like I was living in a vice grip. I worked in an extremely stressful work environment and lived in an overcrowded house. There was no peace. It was time for a change and when I heard about Iboga I hoped it would be the major shift I was looking for.

My friend introduced me to Jeremy and he met with me 2 weeks before the ceremony to hear what I had to say, answer my questions and prepare me for the journey. What struck me first about him was the intensity and the light coming from him. He seemed joyful, confident and deeply passionate about Iboga and the change it had helped him make in his own life. He told me to start working on my intentions. What I wanted for myself through this process. He told me to spend some time focussing on those intentions and to write them down. He welcomed me to continue to stay in contact with him so that I could ask him questions or voice concerns as needed. He also told me the dates and cost. It was only a few days and the cost was more than reasonable however, for me, both seemed insurmountable barriers. How was I going to find someone to care for my kids for a few days? Where was I going to come up for money for this when I could barely make rent? Never the less, I agreed. In the next couple weeks these barriers cleared out of the way with minimal effort. A surprise bit of money came my way 2 days before the ceremony that was the exact amount I needed. My children’s father called me out of the blue and offered to take the kids for the days I needed when he has never done anything like this before. Already the Iboga was working it’s magic. It was all very real now. I was going and I was terrified.

The location was breathtaking. Everyone there seemed as nervous as I was. Jeremy has obviously spent a lot of time preparing the space and no detail seemed missed. He met with each of us to touch base before we began and helped put us to ease. At sundown the fire was lit. I threw my intentions in and we began.

What can I say about the journey itself? I have heard Iboga compared to 10 years of psychotherapy in one night, The ghost of Christmas past, like defragging a computer. It was all of those things. It was every range of emotion I have ever known but mostly it was love, self-catered to me. It was exactly what I needed it to be exactly when I need it to happen. I learned things about myself I would never have been able to dislodge on my own. Found compassion for those I was in conflict with and discovered understanding to my true nature and spirit. It was harrowing, exhilarating and exhausting and through it all Jeremy was there. Guiding us, caring for us and watching over us.

It’s a year later now. The first couple months after Iboga I walked on a cloud. Not only had my disposition changed so had my appearance. I was light, joyful and so grateful. But it was not over for me. I still had my extremely stressful life to contend with and it picked up the pace. Pushing and testing me over the next few months but this time I pushed back and focused on where I wanted to be. Over the course of the year my life has seen major changes. I am no longer where I was. I enjoy a blessed life with my children and continue to grow in new and exciting ways. Life continues to unfold for me but now I feel like I am driving and the future is exactly what I want it to be.

I can not thank Jeremy enough. Through it all I never doubted that I was in caring hands and every detail was thought of. It was perfection. I would recommend anyone for this experience no matter what your background or what you are looking for. Next month my brother is going and I can’t wait to see the life he has waiting for him.


BC, Canada

I was gifted an iboga session by a friend who had just had the experience and was blown away by the results. She told me it was physically challenging, but that It was so beyond worth it, and that it was an extraordinary experience that had lead to major breakthroughs in her life.

I agreed to do it, and was quite nervous for the weeks leading up to it. Once I spoke to Jeremy on the phone, so many of my fears were put to rest. I knew that I was completely safe. He was intelligent and passionate about the healing that this medicine could offer. There were, of course, things in my life that I wanted to change, blocks that I had. I didn’t feel that I was particularly addicted to anything, but I was ready for some changes. He set me up with some intention setting writing exercises, where I was to form the questions that I had for the medicine.

Right before the session, I was also able to meet with Jeremy and go over these things. He listened so well that I felt completely heard, and it gave me even more faith that I was in the right place. I was struck by his solidity and integrity and he carries himself with a poise that I rarely see.

The ceremonial aspect that began the journey was beautiful. It had depth and heart, as we all sat in a circle and spoke of our intentions for the journey and what we wanted to shift. There were four participants, the guide and an assistant.

We were well informed about the process. How for the next 10 hours we would take medicine on the hour, every hour. Then there would be 12 hours of transition.

I became quite afraid in this moment, but i breathed through it and remembered that I had chosen to accept this gift. The first dose we took together, I immediately felt a calm come over me, though my heart beat seemed stronger than usual. I was told the medicine was connecting like an umbilical cord in that moment and I felt that deeply in my being.

After the next dose, I lay down on my mattress and put my eye mask on. I felt the medicine moving through me like roots in my veins. It was powerful and nourishing and I did not feel remotely afraid at this point. In fact, I didn’t feel any emotion. I felt strangely detached and just observed the incredible visions that I had for the next 10 hours. I did feel nauseous, but I was able to breathe and keep from purging for a very long time, maybe 6 rounds of medicine. I felt myself getting weaker physically, and my body was kind of numb, like I wasn’t in need of it at the moment. None of this was alarming, as I was in a state of complete trust.

The things that I saw during this time I am unable to articulate. I went to places in my life that were the happiest, times that were the hardest when I have done questionable things, and spent time with people long gone. It was amazing. I was able to come out when I needed to in order to go to the bathroom (I needed help walking as the room spun) and was able to connect with Jeremy when he would come over and remind me to ask questions. It was like my entire subconscious was open for inquiry. Though I felt physically uncomfortable, I can safely say that those were the 10 most fascinating hours of my life. My questions were answered, and then some!

The sun came up and Jeremy came over to prepare me for the transition. This was the ‘in between place’, the land of the ancestors and the hungry ghosts. He instructed me very clearly on the task ahead of me. Now I was to FEEL what I had seen. He said to really feel it, and then let it go. The next 12 hours were some of the most essential, agonizing, and longest hours of my life. I lay there quietly and in stillness, but inside was inexplicably intense…sorrow, fury and pain, but also relief and beauty and freedom. I got sick a few times, but it felt important, like it was another way of releasing the embodied emotions. At one point, I felt like one emotion was deep in my cells and the medicine was trying to free me from it. It felt like it had claws in every bit of me. I threw up, lay down and then felt it lift like strong velcro from my body. I knew it was a fear that I had carried all my life. A fear of being abandoned.

As it wore off, Jeremy brought some beautiful food. I couldn’t eat much. I felt like I had a new digestive system that had to start from scratch with easy food. I began to feel incredible. Then I took a small nap and woke to Jeremy playing Bwiti music and inviting us to wake up, move and step into our new lives, born again without the baggage of the pain we had been carrying.

Let me just say that I am a highly functioning mother of three. I have been extremely successful in my life and marriage in every sense of the word. I did not realize that I was being held back by an almost unbearable fear. Without wanting to admit it, it was affecting the depth of my relationships with my children, my husband and my community. I also realized that I was addicted to sugar, coffee and wine. These were things I didn’t want to give up, but I felt so clean and pure and vital that I didn’t want them.

A month later, I am still witnessing this spacious feeling. I am sure it would have taken 6 months of detoxing and years of therapy to reach the place physically and emotionally where I am now. Extra weight just fell off me. Stress and urgency feel like they are unwelcome in my life. Still, i know life will continue to offer experiences that challenge me, but I feel capable of dealing with them in a new way, without the triggers of old pain.

I am so grateful to my friend who gifted this to me, and that she knew I could handle the intensity of the medicine. I read somewhere that Iboga is a one way ticket. It really is, and I never want to go back. Thank you, Jeremy for facilitating this experience with so much strength and grace. Never have have I felt more centred, more alive, or more free.


BC, Canada

My experience with Jeremy Cook and his ability to conduct a sacred ceremony was life changing and truly phenomenal. There was a heavy feeling of purpose to all of his actions and the way he handled himself and guided us through the best and worst of times was incredibly professional and deliberate. His light hearted nature allowed for the the seriousness of the situation to pass by effortlessly and made for a life altering experience. If I could recommend a sacred ceremony to anyone it would only be with Jeremy because I got a real glimpse into his nature from our time together, and I believe his nature to be one of a spirit guide and teacher with nothing but the utmost respect to all people willing to do the work and join in the sacred space. A great man with an intelligence of the sacred that will change the world for certain.


ON, Canada

Since I’ve participated in the Iboga experience with Jeremy and Deena, I can surely say that it has drastically changed my life for the better. There is enormous healing potential in this root bark and in the whole ceremony. I took Iboga after a few years of self-destructive behaviour, substance abuse, and a vast feeling of guilt. I was trying to process corrosive family dynamics I have run away from growing up in Europe, and one ‘family secret’ within my family tree. Last year I had a break-up, halted my studies in college, retreated from socializing and froze everything in life to reshape my patterns and system of values. After 8 months, I still felt stuck and asked Iboga for help. Looking at myself in the mirror was so painful. I didn’t like what I saw.

After an introductory consultation with Deena, I felt confident I was doing this with the right people, and started the introspection. As soon as I signed up for the ceremony, everything that was bothering me intensified, and my patterns were strong as ever. That was essential for what was to come. I had the most vivid dreams of my life that directly cast light on the core of my problems. Iboga starts working on you before it is even in your system.

The day of the ceremony came. I met Jeremy and Deena, and right away I noticed that they were perfect mediums of the work. They never impregnated the experience with any of their own unsolved, disharmonious ideas. They have done extensive work on themselves with Iboga, and that is so apparent from the beginning. These two are doing this work for the right reasons, and from the purest heart.

The ceremony was an incredible two days I will remember as long as I am alive. As my body gradually filled with Iboga, nausea started, as did visions. At first mild, and mostly shadows, then more detailed. Yes, it was difficult for the body. Yes, it was hard to get up to go to the washroom (Jeremy was there in the blink of an eye to assist). Yes, the purging was explosive and unpleasant. But the whole way through the process you trust Iboga.

There were four important messages I received from Iboga:

1. I was shown the cycle of life and death on Earth. The Spirit of Iboga took me to Serengeti planes, and showed me the migration of animals in the wilderness. New babies were being born, their parents caring for them, and the elders dying. And all that going in cycles. The shift of generations was a natural, beautiful dance of nature. It gave me the understanding of our transience, and how we are here only for a limited time.

2. The spirit of Iboga went into my brain and pulled out all the memories I no longer needed. It rearranged some, and I could see my brain getting worked on as a bar that went from 100 percent to zero percent within a few seconds. It released me from my past.

3. I was shown all the human inventions, and how we are an amazing race because we have the power of creation. It showed me the path of creating something by imagination to its manifestation. This was the gift of the power of imagination. I must say that now I approach all my obstacles in life almost as if I were playing, finding the most creative, efficient way to solve them. It has changed everything!

4. Finally, I was shown myself 10 years down the road. I was coming home to two beautiful sons, and a wife. Happiness, they are jumping over me. I am working on five different projects and communicating with a bunch of people. There’s a lot of work, but I do exactly what I love and it fuels me. Then the Spirit of Iboga told me that I needed to see this, as this was myself that I was meant to meet down the road. The gift of hope.

Saturday we were given some fruit to eat, and it tasted like the nectar of gods. Bananas and watermelons. With Iboga I learned what tastes right. Dead food (fried, dough, junk food) suddenly seemed repulsive. All of Saturday I had an indescribable serenity; what it must feel like being in mama’s womb. No thoughts.

Saturday night, there was a surprise for us. The visions subsided, but it was one of the most magical parts of ceremony. At that moment I was given the gift of unconditional love.

This experience was the single most important experience of my life. My past is gone. The monkey that chatters in our brains is gone. I have much less thoughts than before. I simply act. I know I will achieve what I have planned for myself, and it felt unattainable before I took Iboga. My relationship with everyone around me has improved. Self-value is where it is supposed to be.

The theme of Iboga is the value of life. And I value mine.

As for Jeremy and Deena; I am so happy to have met them. And to know that people like them exist in the world, doing this kind of work with so much love and dedication. To have had them look over me at such a vulnerable state. They cared for us like we were their children. I truly feel like I can say I consider them my Bwiti parents, and my friends. Their care exceeded my expectations by far, and I could trust them by sending my loved ones to them for ceremony.


BC, Canada

My Iboga experience has been profound, and also not without life challenges post-ceremony. My experience during the ceremony could be likened to having a fully non-dual experience. An ‘I AM,’ experience. I was All, and I witnessed the illusion of separateness as well as the paradox of actual separateness also existing in this dimension. I saw suffering, love, compassion, pain, art, literature, music, nature – and on it went. I experienced that I was all of that, as a kind of undercurrent or source of energy that was experiencing itself through this play of life on Earth, in this dimension. I saw life, even suffering, as a masterpiece of art, where duality needs to exist to experience love. I currently read the Tao Te Ching daily, and it has become crystal clear to me for the first time in my life. In my Iboga experience, I experienced the Tao. After an emotionally intense year, with a lot of pain alongside a lot of growth, I was in a very stable place. The Iboga ceremony for me really symbolized a sort of culmination of a period of challenge and growth that I could put in the past. It was that, but so much more. I want to thank Jeremy and Deena for the work they do. I felt safe, as though I was in good hands while becoming so vulnerable.


BC, Canada

My intent was knowing or learning what my path in life is, and to be relived of alcoholism and chronic insomnia. The journey was intense and of a long duration. The initial healing energy was physical and focused on my lower intestines. A few days later, I passed things that clearly should not have been in the human body. It was in the days after ceremony that my visions presented themselves to me. Much was revealed to me. My higher purpose. My path to a higher ascended level. An activation of my chakras. But I had to first prepare myself, as the path I need to take was also revealed. Jeremy and Deena provide a safe environment to have an Iboga experience. At the close of my ceremony, while I was still unable to move, I witnessed the both of them holding hands and quite literally levitating with a fully activated aura. They had a complete torsion energy field around them, with all the colors of the rainbow and radiating a beautiful golden field of energy. It was absolutely amazing and something I will never forget. To date, I have not had a drink nor do I have any desire. And I find it is not even in my consciousness. Truly amazing and I am deeply grateful. But the best is that I am sleeping and getting a restorative sleep. It is truly a miracle for me to lie down, fall asleep and wake up the next morning feeling fresh, fit and ready for the day.


My weekend with IbogaJourney was without a doubt the most profound shift I ever went through and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to go through the most radical transformation possible. I have taken part in 22 ayahuasca ceremonies, three kambo purges, seven 5 meo-DMT ceremonies and this one was without a doubt the most powerful of all of my experiences even though it is not a competition of any sort. I am grateful all of these plant medicines exist yet I am the most grateful that I found you as I feel after this journey into my deepest core I do not feel a desire to go look elsewhere. My body and mind were so drastically altered for the better it is not possible to find the right words for it yet I felt like writing something so that maybe the right person finding my words would feel inspired to sign up as well.

For me your location was stunning and superb for it. Your energies and stable presence were crucial and fantastic and I am forever grateful that you do what you do. Both of you were holding space impeccably with integrity and the know how that is needed to navigate these intense energies.

I do not remember ever feeling so poorly after any of the other experiences I have had including childbirth and the ones I stated above .,yet 3 days after ceremony and I have the feeling of having been reset to my original blueprint and not anyone elses programming any longer.

I feel for the first time a palpatable difference in how I walk and talk and my nervous system feels like it has been reset as well which makes me witness myself as calm and collected and loving with my 3 young children instead of pick up on their everchanging energies like it was the case prior to my weekend with you.

I will never be able to explain this to anyone or even myself. It was too vast to grasp and too sacred to even try as nobody would be able to understand what goes on when with you and I feel that is the beauty of it. I knew I was being called and guided by spirit to take part. I never questioned or doubted and now I know why. I believe I had suffered enough by programming that was not mine that the universe was kind enough for me to find you and greet me with such love and understanding that I will cherish it to the day I die.

You both are amazing and I bow to you as going through this experience myself shows me who you must be as souls to have signed up for this job as facilitators to help heal the planet one by one.

I have infinite gratitude in my heart for everything that involved my experience with you even if afterwards for two days I was barely able to walk or talk ? I would recommend this to anyone really who wishes to be undone from the false persona we took on from society or parents or god knows what. Time to get free is my motto and this answered to it.

Thank you always and forever !


“It has been almost three weeks of integration, and although painful at first (with three days of emotional disorientation), by day four, a break in the grieving process opened up a new pathway to healing. One that was there all along, supporting my journey thus far, yet clearer than ever before. Without shame, I acknowledge now that I was resistant to change—even if I proclaimed out loud a hundred times over that I wanted TRANSFORMATION. What I found instead, in this medicine, was a stark reflection. In equal parts were my (unconscious) blind spots to the consciously explored and expressed parts in my consciousness.

Strange as it may sound, I took a moment to grieve my knowing of this balance, the recognition that—this connection to self, to Source—is all that matters now. That I was no longer only the frightened, curious child (unsure of the path, often shirking my roles, responsibilities and gifts), but I was both child and adult (committed to awareness, embodying the integral, sovereign soul) and renewing my choice to create equanimity and peace at a soul level.

Spiritual maturation can be accelerated using this medicinal tool. Multiple exposures in medicinal, soul exploration allows one access to a deepening of compassion, humility, forgiveness, courage, grace, dignity, and the formation of new understandings by continuously choosing to lead a meaningful life and being awake and aware of that choice.

A warm and special nod to Tove & Jeremy, who are the epitomes of grace and dignity. They are harmonious emoters of soulful wisdom. It is felt in the vibes they carry and clear through their heartful service to plants, animals and humans alike. One needs to feel safe to truly trust the unfolding of this process. By attending this ceremony, you will learn from those who know and practice their alignment, so in turn, one can begin trusting their own soul guidance.”


BC, Canada

“Upon integrating after ceremony, I am doing amazing. I feel excited to get started with my life, and work my way into a life that is prosperous and filled with love. The Iboga experience gave me more than I could ever have hoped for, and it is what I’ve been seeking for so long. I’m so happy with life and with everything in it! I feel grateful to have sat with Jeremy and Deena and everyone else in the ceremony. I am so happy to be free from my pain and negative ways.”


BC, Canada

“I can’t thank Jeremy and Deena enough. I feel amazing.

The first week after ceremony I was tired, sad and felt terrible. After the first week, I feel maybe the best I’ve ever been. I’ve been more dedicated and focused than ever.

One morning when I was really tired i grabbed a quad shot of coffee, out of habit, and went into the gym. I started sipping it but it just wasn’t the same. I realized I don’t need it anymore. That’s insane for me. I would never, ever not drink coffee or take substances and supplements if I felt tired and if they were right in front of me.

I’ve stopped drinking coffee since the ceremony. I only have one tea or maté now, in the morning. I also stopped smoking Marijuana. I’ve reconnected with my morning and night meditation practices in a big way.

Not only have I stopped everything, but I don’t have cravings anymore.

I’ve had many chances and temptations. After an event the other night, I was invited to partake in drugs and drinking. I was able to say no and think about my next day. For the first time in my adult life, I feel like I’m in control of my substance use. My brain is not a drug addict anymore.

I’m doing all the work I need to do in order to further my career, and shining brighter than ever. I even started training flips every morning in the gym, and I’m able to do things I was scared of before and avoiding, like backflips and back handsprings.

I go to bed every night grateful and proud of myself. I feel like a massive weight has been lifted, and I’m going to run with this.

Iboga reconnected me to how strong, powerful and amazing I am. As I write this, I start to tear up a bit.

So much gratitude to Jeremy and Deena. I’m doing my best to sing the gospel of this miraculous teacher plant, so that those who are lost in the darkness can find their way back to the light.”


BC, Canada

“It’s been about a year since I sat with Deena and Jeremy in that life-transformative ceremony. I’m filled with love, knowing my sister and mom will soon be embarking on this journey with Deena and Jeremy in the near future. I have so much love and gratitude for the space they hold, and for all the healing that takes place. Thank you.

I kept putting off writing a testimonial because my life has been intense this last year, in the most painfully transformative, butterfly-like way. I had to really hit bottom while the spirit world manifested itself in the material realm, through deep and mind-blowingly beautiful and painful ways. Ayahuasca has also contributed to that, but the Iboga was like yelling spiritual truth at me. Jeremy told me I wouldn’t be able to go back to exotic dancing after ceremony. I did for a time, and it pained me more than I could ever imagine. I have now officially cut ties with it, and am in healing mode, clearing my channel. I seriously cannot ever go back, unless I want to die. The light is too clear and supportive now.

I’m also nine months abstinent from bulimia, and my binging and purging. Before Iboga, I had never made it more than three months in the past 11 years.

Now that I’m not throwing my life away and selling my soul to the ‘dirty carnival’ (as Iboga referred to it in my journey), I feel limitless in the manifestations available from the divine infinite. I was desperate to change it all when I left Deena and Jeremy, and was floating on a cloud for a month, manifesting my dreams through investors—who were part of the dirty carnival. Because I still was.

Now I’m seeing that I have to clear me, and take baby steps to get to that place of wherever my higher consciousness wants me to be.”



“For awhile after the ceremony, I felt between dream state and reality, but day by day I have been discovering a new me and a power inside me. I remember lots of memories, and just let them go. I don’t push myself. I was once very afraid to be myself, but I can feel everything has changed for me.

I have no cravings for alcohol—I actually don’t even remember the taste of it. I now watch myself as I watch a movie. I don’t analyze, just let everything come and go. It’s a process.

Before, I couldn’t quite accept all the events that I experienced in my life, but now it is very easy to accept and describe them as memory. I am not afraid of any of them.

I feel very happy, my energy level is getting higher, and I also started to lose weight.

Lots of things are going on and I’m very grateful to have this medicine and this experience.

Thank you very much to Jeremy and Deena.”



“My time with Deena and Jeremy and the journey to find my center has truly been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was a huge adjustment after the Squamish ceremony—the transition from meditating at the rivers’ edge and hiking in the woods—then into landing at LAX and stepping into another kind of jungle. It has been very important for me to take time with walks in nature and to spend the early hours of the day on the ocean. These have helped me with that adjustment and keeping things in perspective. I’m still experiencing the shift in consciousness, and the new lens I am experiencing the world through reveals itself in new ways every day. My wife has seen a change in me, and my communication and connection with her and my daughter has never been better. I am truly blessed. As time moves on with this new awareness, I’m sure that the journey will reveal more of what needs to be. I can not thank Jeremy and Deena enough for all their loving support and good energy.”


ON, Canada

“To Jeremy and Deena, thank you so much for an incredible 3-day journey of soul-searching and transformation. Your integrity really shines during the ceremony, both of you are so attentive and compassionate to everyone’s needs. You run a very tight ship, and really know what you are doing as you guide each participant through this journey. I came to Iboga with many questions, and the medicine provided the answers. I was shown where my blocks are, I was shown my fear, anger, sadness—and then I was shown tremendous joy and unconditional love. I was guided to stay in the flow, knowing that everything will always work out. My first big test came at the airport, on the way home from ceremony. When I arrived at my boarding gate, I was informed the flight had been cancelled. Before my Iboga ceremony, I would have freaked out. However, this time, something shifted. I remembered Jeremy’s words of wisdom from the ceremony, “Focus on your breath.” So I did. I meditated in the airport, focusing on my breath. Two hours later, I was on my way home, flying first class at no extra cost. Another amazing thing that’s happened: it’s been three weeks since my ceremony, and I haven’t had any cravings for caffeine or processed sugar. I eat healthy food, my energy levels are increasing daily, and I feel renewed and revitalized. Once again, Jeremy and Deena, thank you for providing and holding such a sacred space for people to heal.


Portland, Oregon, USA

I started feeling the medicine of Iboga after the second round. It went through my body, and asked permission to come into my brain to heal me. I said yes, and the journey began. The first few minutes, I just felt a buzzing, as I saw the energy of it stream through my body. I felt that it was reading me, and also healing me physically.

But, then the next 5 hours, scenes of every fear I’ve ever imagined flashed through my mind. You name it, I saw it. Every fear. The darkest stuff you can imagine. It wasn’t like I was watching a movie, though. It felt like this was actually happening to me. This felt like the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Where did this all come from, I asked? I got the answer.

Television, movies, the news. My mother used to limit our movies if there were sex scenes or vulgar words, but she never cared about violence. All of this violence that I had seen and not even thought twice about still lived on in my mind. I saw that all of this violence had deadened my conscience. It became acceptable to see these things. To not think twice about someone getting shot in a movie. Killing others, hurting others, and being unkind became the new normal. It was on TV, so that must make it OK.

After seeing these fears, I saw that they were in my mind all the time. I wasn’t aware of my thoughts, and I was constantly thinking these same fears over and over again. I saw these fears were like a film loop, constantly spinning around on a big screen—all inside the circumference of my own head.

I realized I had to start paying more attention to my thoughts, and that I would be shown later a way to change these fear-based thoughts. I also saw that it’s so important to be careful of what we let into our minds. That I could no longer watch a violent film if I didn’t want those visuals and thoughts inside of me.

When I purged, it felt great. Like long-buried things were being released.

The next part of my journey got even harder, but, oh what a blessing to have the illusions of myself revealed! I started seeing memories of times I’ve hurt someone, and justified my reason for doing so in my mind. I saw memories of times I’ve done things that weren’t right, and how I justified them and ‘made it okay’ to do these things by lies I told myself. It was hard to see this. I also saw, though, that a part of me knew. This was the part that didn’t like myself and this was why. Because I wasn’t admitting to myself all that I knew was there.

I also saw that being brought up in the Church taught me that I was already bad. As a child, any time I did wrong, I thought that meant I was bad. I saw all of these messages of how evil I was, being projected at me. These messages were arrows and I was the dartboard. Every time one of these arrows hit, they took more and more life out of me. I thought it would make me feel better by feeling more and more guilty. I had feelings of guilt going on and on in my head thinking if I could just feel enough guilt than I could make myself feel better. Well, that didn’t work. So, then I learned to justify anytime I did something wrong why I did it. I had an excuse for each action. Maybe if I could just ignore this bad behavior it would go away. But that only made it worse.

Many different scenarios played out, as I watched old things that had happened in childhood and how those moments shaped what I believed about myself. I saw that as a child I used to be so excited about life every day, eager to wake up, wondering what magic would happen that day.

I saw that at around 10 years old, because of childhood pain, that excitement for life stopped. I stopped seeing the magic of the world, and even disconnected myself from it. I lost that childhood wonder.

I saw that we have to make friends with the negative thoughts inside of us. For instance, when guilt arises, we have to acknowledge it. We can say, ‘Thank you, guilt, for showing that to me. What I did was wrong. I forgive myself. Let’s release it now.’ When we are shown fear, we can acknowledge it and thank it. We can say, ‘Thank you fear. I know you are just trying to keep me safe. And I am.’

After never really having the desire to meditate, I had the desire to meditate and watch what was in my mind more often.

I realized while I’ve often had a desire to be alone, I haven’t often really spent time getting to know myself. I’ve distracted myself with my computer, books, or music.

I often hid from people because I didn’t want them to figure out there was something wrong with me. I saw that I needed to get out in the world more. That I’ve often gone from guru to guru. But often the people with the most beautiful messages for me were the people right in front of me. And that I, too, had things to share with others, and needed to get out in the world to share these things. It’s time to stop hiding!

I needed to start saying ‘yes,’ to life more instead of closing down with ‘no,’ when I felt fear.

I saw about my intuition and how to listen to it. Often, I’ve thought I’ve been listening to my intuition, when I was really listening to fear. I saw that intuition really can only be found in the stillness, and I have to get past my fears to listen.

I saw that I have spent so much time worrying about my choices, when they all lead somewhere. There really is no wrong choice, because all choices will eventually lead to the same place. This life is all about experience, and that as long as I’m living in integrity and kindness, there’s no mistake I can make.

I also saw a lot about judgement and how harmful it is. After all, when you see yourself in everyone else, what is bad energy? It’s all you!

I also started seeing my addictions and how they’ve prevented me from living a full life. I saw that I was addicted to comfort, and often picked things that would be comfortable when the uncomfortable choice would have helped me grow. I saw that at times, I’ve been addicted to pain and actually attracted painful things to me because of this. I’ve created drama and painful situations because of this.

In my ceremony, I also experienced sudden pain in my lower back. I have had lower back pain for 15 years, and have spent thousands of dollars going to chiropractors trying to heal it. All of a sudden, I felt deep pain in my psoas muscles. I then saw a vision of my root chakra and the cords that run from it into the earth all twisted and tangled in knots. I saw that as a child, I didn’t know how to deal with the pain of this earth, so I decided to disconnect with it. This was the cause of my back pain and the medicine was healing it.

When I awoke the morning after ceremony, I had no more back pain. It was gone! I also have felt, every day since my ceremony, an incredible excitement for life. That childlike excitement is back. What exciting miracles are going to happen today? And incredible synchronicities have happened ever since.

After the journey, I also experienced no thought. I had spent so much time chattering and chattering in my mind that there was no more chatter left. It was an incredible feeling.

Since leaving ceremony, I continue to be shown things. I understand about really living in the moment. We often think, ‘There’s not enough time.’ Yet, we fill that time with worrying that a perfect moment will be over and all of a sudden we’re no longer in the moment. We lose an entire half day of our weekend because we’re already living in Monday on Sunday night. All I wanted to do was just sit and be in the stillness and enjoy the beauty of it. There’s so much beauty in a moment that we often miss. The way the light is shining, the shadows, the smells, the sounds. We miss it all by being so preoccupied with repeating thoughts in our heads.

There is so much time. When I get rid of worry and fear, time is all there is. I’ve been spending so much time listening to the worries in my mind that I’m not even fully doing what I set out to do. No wonder why time goes so fast.

Time has slowed way down since my Iboga journey. I don’t feel like I’m in a rush like I used to be. Sometimes, I get things done more quickly because all of my energy is being used to do them. And, sometimes I do nothing at all because I just want to sit and make friends with with who I am. And that’s okay. Because there’s so much time. There is time later to do the things that I need to do. Those ‘things to do’ will still be there when I’m ready to do them. And, you know what? They will get done exactly when they’re meant to get done.

Right now, I am just in the moment—without trying to hold on to it.

It’s truly beautiful, this new way of being in the world. Everyone who took this medicine had completely different experiences, but we all experienced that same stillness, and being in the moment, in the end. It brought us all to the same moment. Which is now. There is only ever now. And, I’m so glad that we are a part of it.


Vancouver, Canada

I could not even imagine it was possible to feel the way I do after my Iboga ceremony – both emotionally and physically. Nothing short of transformational. Thank you to Jeremy and Deena, from the very bottom of my heart, for making this possibility available to myself and others. I have a great respect for what these two do as providers. The space they created in the forest, and the ceremony, are both beautiful. Even though the ceremony was very hard for me—I felt about as low as I have ever felt by Sunday morning—it has been a week now, and I feel like a brand new man. I am grounded and calm, in a way that I have never known. The noise and commotion that had for so long rattled around in my head has, for the first time ever, settled, providing me with clarity and a sense of calm. The growing tide of anxiety that had completely overtaken every activity in my life has receded. I am able to approach challenging tasks and life decisions calmly and with a clear eye. I have started to see synchronicity manifest in my life.


BC, Canada

My Iboga experience was a beautiful awakening. The incredible release, the deep sense of spaciousness and openness I experienced was profound. Freed from the cage of fear I’d built up around myself, I was astonished to find this strong and glowing heart at my centre. I have struggled down many paths in life, seeking some sense of peace and belonging, only to find myself in the same exact place of exhaustion and loneliness, my life feeling like an absolute wreck. Somehow always finding myself outside the embrace of the welcoming arms of belonging. So much I knew within the journey through Iboga, so much I could see and understand—that had been covered up by so much fear. Though my time there was really so very brief, I feel as though I’ve been scooped up, dusted off, and set back down with the embrace of belonging deeply rooted inside me. Being there inside your home awakened in me a remembering, I guess you could call it, that I’ve always wanted a simple, yet beautiful life. I have come to understand that the deep sense of peace I found is and has always been within me. As the weeks passed after ceremony, I noticed old patterns of worry, and all too familiar feelings of separation arising. But the uncovering of the belief patterns that have kept me feeling alone and isolated are happening regularly. It’s not through any kind of trying, it’s more like these windows to the past appear, in which I can see myself so clearly and see what particular story I’ve been unconsciously repeating to myself. So I have now a remembering in my body of peace, clarity, calm, and belonging. Though elusive when the mind gets too busy, it is there now, accessible. Thank you to IbogaJourney for holding the door the open with a steady hand and a strong heart, so that the rest of us may walk through headlong into our own hearts.


ON, Canada

The most noticeable, lasting change after Iboga is the new clarity in my mind. I noticed immediately that there was an emptiness, more space. The incessant buzzing that I heard throughout the ceremony was a quieting, an erasing, of the non-stop chatter that had been there previously. So much mind rubbish is gone. For the first time in my life I can listen, really be still, without forming opinions and judgments and questions, and just hear myself and others. I am able to respond now, instead of simply reacting. I am available to bear witness to another’s story as they attempt to unravel their own mystery, without feeling any need to fix, explain, or to even understand fully. The important part, for me, is to be able to be present and hold space for myself or for others. Prior to the Iboga ceremony, this was just not possible. In listening completely, I see more clearly how we are all connected. The ‘other’s’ story is always a part of my story, and the synchronicity of their choosing to tell me their struggles or epiphanies always sheds light on a hidden mystery of my own. We are here to be guideposts for each other, passing clues in this game of life. The most interesting conversations occur now, with greater and greater frequency. I meet random people in random places who need to hear something that I happen to say or vice versa. It’s really so much fun. I no longer need to waste time running interference with life, trying to get out ahead of it in an attempt to prevent undesired outcomes. I feel so much more grounded and secure in the world. More present, and open and available for life to happen through me.


BC, Canada

I have been experiencing many changes since my ceremony in late July, and I want to share a few of those. Recently, I’ve become aware of this shadow part of me, which uses others’ behaviours to feel bad about myself. I was under the impression that I was hoping/requesting/demanding that people would change their behaviours so that I could feel better about myself. Then I discovered that I was actually—unbeknownst to me—using others’ behaviours to feel bad about myself and reinforce my unworthiness. Since this shadow became conscious, it has freed me up and certainly made me more accountable for my inner world! Another change that has been quite dramatic is a sense of being in my ‘observer,’ and having a sense of calm that is quite distinct. This has resulted in my communicating what is going on inside of me, and lessening my sabotaging behaviours. It has also allowed deeper things to bubble up, such as my recent shadow self. A more subtle change has been with the thinking/strategizing/planning part of my brain. During the journey, I was shown how I play the role of a juggler/scheduler a lot. And this has continued, but with less clarity—or it requires me to feel into the more nuanced parts, to create an authentic plan and taking myself into account, sensing others’ needs, being more perceptive. My brain has also lost some capacity to stay in ‘drive’ for too long. It simply says, “Enough, you need to take a break right now.” This has been an interesting change, as I have been used to ‘driving’ myself for very long periods of time. The story I am telling myself is that I am recreating my neurology, and I can be mindful of how I want my new neurology to function. I want to be more perceptive, more open. I also want to be aware of my wounded and reactive neurology and hold it in loving acceptance. I have been doing this through a process my partner and I have developed, which we entitled Being Held. With both the Iboga medicine and the Being Held processes, I am recreating myself. It has been a very powerful experience. Thank you so much, Deena and Jeremy, for bringing this medicine close enough for me and others to access it.


Maine, USA

(Since my journey one year ago) I have been wanting to write. So where do I start? Let me start by saying THANK YOU to Deena and Jeremy. I mean that from the depth of my soul. Before my journey, I had a lot of anger inside. I used it as fuel to survive. Now, it’s all about peace, love, nature and Source. It’s as if a veil has been lifted from my sight and now I’m beginning to grasp the true reality of my existence, and the world at large around me. My wish is that those around me could wake up and begin to experience what I am experiencing, and more. Since Iboga, I have developed an increased attraction to nature. And it’s as if my higher self or some sort of guide has been directing me to knowledge in regards to the universe and spirituality. My intuition is often mind-blowing. I am soaking it all in as much as I can, as I love to learn. Now I also have a strong sense to separate myself from anyone with negative energy in my life. I have confidence that our most high God is ever-pouring great blessings upon Deena and Jeremy. Their work together with Iboga, for humanity and the world at large, is indispensable. I don’t think it is possible to describe in words how important and sacred their ceremonies are, and the impact that this work is having on so many lives here on Earth.


BC, Canada

I don’t even know where to start. Since the Iboga journey, my life has pretty much done a 180 in the best way possible. Before I came, I was in a really low spot, struggling pretty bad with depression and anxiety. I was in a such a dark place, and Iboga pulled me to a place where I could do the work and feel that sense of hope. I feel like it reset my brain. I feel really at peace. I had a couple of challenging moments, but it felt like it was way easy to get through them instead of doing something self-sabotaging. I feel like a ‘normal’ person for the first time in years; not overcome with fear and anxiety. I have been able to go out and do things without having to go home early (which is what I used to do because of anxiousness in dealing with people). I have been able to take care of myself on a level I haven’t in years. It’s blowing my mind how amazing I feel. I’m actually excited about life instead of scared of it. Overall I just feel amazing and hopeful. I’m no longer so impulsive. I have been thinking before I act, which is really something I have struggled with in the past. On an energetic level, I am so in-tune with everything. I can just feel certain things in my life, and how they are working out, and what to do about them. I can’t really explain it. I can just feel the energy. Some other interesting things have happened as well. My skin has not been this clear in over two years. I don’t know what Iboga did, but my skin is so clear that it’s a miracle for me. So I’m pretty excited about that. Financial abundance has also been just flowing into my life like crazy since I got back. I can’t thank Deena and Jeremy enough; I feel so amazing and have not felt this level of excitement or hope in years. Jeremy and Deena have impacted my life and my families’ life I such a way that I will forever be so grateful for the life-changing experience they took me through. Best decision I have ever made.